New Laravel app

Note – this post is a quick reminder for myself on the steps needed to get a new Laravel app up and running quickly on my Mac dev box, which has Valet set up on my Code directory.

If this post helps someone else, that’s great – but it is not intended for anyone else but me.

  1. In the Terminal window, do cd Code and then laravel new foobar to create the project
  2. Wait while Composer does its thing, downloading and installing a ton of stuff
  3. Type cd foobar to go in to the new project’s directory
  4. Then do git init and git add . and git commit -m "initial commit" to set up the Git repo
  5. In MySQLWorkbench, open Local Mac and create a new schema named foobar with default collation set to utf8-default collation
  6. In the .env file (Not the .env.example file) set APP_NAME = Foobar and DB_DATABASE=foobar and then copy the username and password from another working project.
  7. Back in the Terminal, do artisan migrate and you’re done.
New Laravel app